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Adoptable Bassets

UFBH currently has 15 bassets available for adoption.

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  • Zeke (1117), Age 4 years 2 months


    Mostly on the quiet side, Zeke can often be very playful. He would very much like to live with another dog.

    Zeke has been with UFBH for 11 weeks.

    Apply to adopt Zeke!

  • Theo (1088), Age 8 years 4 months


    Theo is an easygoing sort of guy and prefers his friends to be the same. He often goes to daycare but sometimes wants to stay behind in his foster home. As laid back as he is, he seems to be rather selective about the dogs with whom he associates. Theo might do better as an only dog or perhaps with one other that he approves!

    This handsome eight year old is not very demanding of people time. Given his basic personality, we would guess that he would prefer no small children. Cats are unknown. Theo seems to be house trained to use the doggie door.

    Theo has been with UFBH for 22 weeks.

    Apply to adopt Theo!

  • Bella (1075), Age 5 years 0 months


    Bella is recently recovering from back surgery and is already feeling much better. She came to us with a urinary tract infection and ear infections and she is undergoing heart worm treatment, too. Bella is very sweet and trusting. She will need a family who will continue her physical therapy and her doctors are confident she will have a great outcome and recovery from her surgery.

    Bella has been with UFBH for 7 months.

    Apply to adopt Bella!

  • Sydney (1021), Age 9 years 6 months


    Sydney is a sweet and loving dog that prefers people to other dogs. She does get along with other dogs but sometimes doesn't like to share. She would make a fantastic companion for walks, snuggling while watching a good movie, or for just hanging out.

    Sydney has been with UFBH for 10 months.

    Apply to adopt Sydney!

  • Connie (0945), Age 3 years 2 months


    Connie isn't the high strung, very, very busy puppy she was when we first met her. She's actually growing up into a fine young hound.

    This long legged girl gets along well with all the other hounds in her foster home. However, a home with cats or other small animals will not be considered.

    Connie warms up to new people a bit slowly but she can be quite affectionate and she loves attention!

    If you think you may be the family she's been waiting for, please fill out an application to adopt this beauty.

    Connie has been with UFBH for 1 year 8 months.

    Apply to adopt Connie!

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Did you know?

  1. Large size of Basset Hounds-Many people are surprised to find out that Basset Hounds are large breed dogs. For their height, Bassets have the densest bone mass compared to all other breeds. On average, Bassets can weigh between 45 and 65 pounds.
  2. Bassets are not lazy-Bassets are hunting dogs. They have been bred for endurance. Many will run circles around you! Additionally, puppies are puppies regardless of their breed. Bassets puppies are curious and often into everything. Rarely are they lazy!
  3. Stubborn personality-Many people mistake stubbornness for stupidity. UFBH wants to dispel this common misconception. Bassets are very intelligent highly evolved thinkers that can learn basic obedience. However, if you want a dog that will obey your every command, the Basset Hound is probably NOT for you. When asked to perform a command, Bassets often require a little “persuasion.”
  4. Need for attention/Barking when left alone-Most Basset Hounds are very affectionate dogs and firmly insist, despite their size, on being lap dogs. Basset Hounds do not like to be separated from their pack for long periods. They will show their displeasure by barking or howling. Moreover, for a short dog, their barks and howls are very LOUD!
  5. Sensitivity to heat-It can get very hot in Utah. Because Bassets are very low to the ground, they feel the heat (especially on pavement) reflected off the ground more intensely than humans do. Moreover, you should never leave an unattended dog in a car during the summer months. It may be 80 degrees outside, but in the car, it is more like 100! Your dog can die!
  6. Shedding-Yes, Bassets are short-haired dogs. Despite this, Bassets shed like crazy. During the spring and fall, many Bassets have a “molting” period where they shed even more than normal.
  7. Bassets do get lost-Bassets are notorious for catching a scent, wandering off from their homes but not being able to find their way back. Bassets should always be on a leash when out in public. For families with yards, UFBH requires a fence with a lock.
  8. Health Concerns-There are health concerns specific to every breed of dog. Common ailments in Basset Hounds include ear infections, development of cysts, glaucoma, and disk disease.

Ready to adopt?

There are several ways to apply to adopt a UFBH basset. For your convenience, we provide adoption process information, an online adoption application, and optional downloadable PDF and Word files on our Adoption Application page.

(If you are interested in a particular adoptable basset, please note the name and identification number for use during the application process.)

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