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October Bingo!

October Bingo!


The Dog Den

Congratulations to our friends at The Dog Den!

From Dog Den founders, Gina Fox and Shane Tyler:

“We can’t believe it’s already been almost a year since we opened the doors at The Dog Den! What a crazy, exciting and fun year it has been! We are having a party!”

“To celebrate our one-year anniversary and also our big Best of State win! We will be selling tickets for opportunities to win prizes, all the money raised will be split between two rescues that are very near and dear to our hearts, Utah Friends of Basset Hounds and Utah’s Perfect Pointers.”

“We often have adoptables from these two rescues here with us and they have been our biggest cheerleaders and supporters on top of being phenomenal rescues! If you have a business, you make cool things, or you just want to help out, please consider donating to this fundraiser. Our party will be on June 25th, more info to come.”

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